HPC Skills Academy - Train Like A Pro

For the ambitious skier - HPC SKILLS ACADEMY: It’s that one step up from your regular on-snow experience where you get to ‘train like a pro’ athlete.  Ever wondered how the elite become the best in their sport?  HPC Skills Academy takes you through and teaches ‘best practice’ to push yourself harder than you’ve pushed yourself before. Our training sessions are especially geared for resort guests who are ‘The ambitious skier’!


The HPC Skills Academy training sessions are defined by the following:

  • Target audience: The ambitious and comfortable skier who is looking to be taken care of.

  • Individual training: To maximise training outcome, we coach 1 on 1. In case you have a skiing buddy with similar abilities, you can bring him/her along as well, altough up to a maximum of three skiers.

  • Video analysis: Video analysis is an integral part of our daily training routine.

  • Training environment: Our training is skill orientated and if necessary, we use the Leogang training stadium to set brushes or even gates to assist with your technical progression.

  • Gates training: Of course you can also train with us to improve your racing skills.

  • Recovery: After the training is before the training. We will run a recovery session at the HPC Leogang that you are back to full strenght the next day.

  • Inclusive training approach: We first meet at the HPC Leogang to discuss the training content based on your desired training outcome. Yes, we discuss the content with yourself in order to optimize the training enviroment.
    • YOUR possible session goal → OUR possible training approach
      Improve my GS race technique → GS gates training, GS drills
      Improve my off-piste skills → Moguls, powder, tree skiing
      Get to know to resort → Guiding to Hinterglemm or Fieberbrunn

  • Ski Testing: Have you ever been left wondering which ski is best to rent to suit your ability? Which one should you buy as you challenge yourself to the next stage of downhill or off-piste?  With this program, you can rent 3 different skis across our program, we will help you test each ski and decide which one is best for your ability and goals.  You will also receive tutorial on tuning your own skis, waxing. (only available for 3 day packages)

  • HPC Skills Video: At the end of your program, you will receive a personalized HPC Skills video of your program which can be downloaded and shared directly from our HPC Cloud.


As optional extras, we can also run a ski-tuning workshop with you, or alternatively we can professionally hand-tune your skis. If you are keen to improve your fitness, we also offer online ski fitness programs.


Your training schedule:

5 hrs ski training program, 1 hr lunch, 1 hr HPC video & recovery

8.45 meet @ HPC Leogang (proper warm up session, movement prep)
9.00 - 12.00 → morning training session (Specific on-snow warm-up drills, technical drills for edgeing, steering, balance, etc., skills orientated gate/marker training, on the spot video analysis at the HPC Video Cube on top of training hill)
12.00 - 13.00 → lunch break
13.00 - 15.00 → afternoon training session (technical free-ski/drills)
15.00 → video analysis @ HPC Leogang
15.30 → recovery session @ HPC Leogang
16.00 → finish off the sucessful day with the healthy sports smoothie

The HPC Skills Academy program content will vary depening on the your specific goals and abilities.


What you can book:

Our professional coaching staff is keen to honestly make a difference to your skiing, therefore we offer programs from 2 days upwards.

2 day HPC Skills - €350 per day
3 days HPC Skills - €300 per day
Each following day - €280 per day

Warwick Crawford (ski racer)
"The coaching team at HPC is committed to my long-term development and success. I love the structure and professional approach to 12-month programming and the training set-up at Leogang, which guarantees great training opportunities with top European athletes."
Vanessa Mahon (racing parent)
"My daughter Sophie attended the SSA Northern Hemisphere Camp in Leogang, Austria for the third consecutive year this January to April. The SSA camp really works well for the athletes because the training mountain, the new HPC dryland centre, the athlete accommodation and the schooling are all situated within close proximity to each other. In addition, the expert coaching has helped Sophie to progress in her ski racing with focus on individual areas. This approach has encouraged Sophie to push out of her comfort zone everyday."
Dear Racer. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Racer. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Coach. We organise everything for you...
Dear Coach. We organise everything for you...
Dear skier. When you've outgrown ski school...
Dear skier. When you've outgrown ski school...
About Us

We would like to welcome you to the new High Performance Centre Leogang (HPC)

This brand new facility is the vision of Christoph Maier – a dedicated and fully certified alpine race coach for over 15 years.  Christoph, born and raised in the beautiful alpine region of Leogang, himself a local alpine racer as a kid, is now leading the charge to push race training boundaries across multiple disciplines.




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