HPC Team Services

You are a factory team manager/coach and you are unfamiliar with the area but still want a world-class training environment for your athletes? Or you want an extra coach on the hill to assist with logistics? The team at HPC Leogang is here to assist you in all logistics and performance relevant matters.

We can organise airport transfer, accommodation, meals, Bikepark Leogang tickets, and of course you get to enjoy the HPC Leogang facilities with gym, video space, service station and storage space.

Get in contact with the locals who understand your needs. Contact the HPC Leogang, let us know your specific needs and receive your personalized team package deal.

HPC Leogang’s new facility is located at the foot of the Asitzbahn gondola, right next to the Bikepark Leogang, and can be accessed by any factory teams or clubs. The facility features:

  • HPC state of the art video analysis equipment and facilities at the centre, including head to head race analysis software for your athletes
  • HPC gym facility, including cardio, strength, functional strength area located right at the foot of the gondola to ensure recovery is never missed
  • HPC service station with bike-work-stands ready to use
  • HPC bike storage, change rooms at HPC
  • HPC lounge / kitchen / chill out area for athletes and coaches
  • Access to our expert network, from physio to S&C coaches
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Dear Rider. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Rider. Your all-in-one race training camp...
Dear Manager. We organise everything for you...
Dear Manager. We organise everything for you...
Dear Rookie. We guide you to the top...
Dear Rookie. We guide you to the top...
Über uns

Wir heißen Dich herzlich willkommen im neuen High Performance Centre Racing Austria (HPC).

Diese neue Anlage ist die Vision von Christoph Maier - einem engagierten und zertifizierten Trainer im alpinen Skirennlauf mit über 15 Jahren Erfahrung. Christoph, geboren und aufgewachsen in der wunderschönen Alpenregion von Saalfelden-Leogang,  als Kind selbst ein lokaler Skirennläufer, hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Grenzen des Renntrainings über mehrere Disziplinen hinweg zu verschieben.

Coaches Summer
Christoph Maier


Markus Steiner

Strength & Conditioning Coach